Zhuhai, CN

32.5 °C


WindLight breeze 2.1 m/s
SouthEast (130°)
Cloudinessfew clouds
1011 hpa
Humidity66 %
Geo coords[ 113.57, 22.28 ]

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API for developers

By our simple and clear API you can get current weather data, 16-days forecast, historical data by using JSON / XML / HTML calls. Data available for 200,000 cities. You can also get variaty of map layers inluding Precipitations, Clouds, Pressure, Temperature, Wind and many others. You can connect weather maps as layers to the wide range of maps including Direct tiles, WMS, OpenLayers, Leaflet, Google maps, and Yandex maps.


Weather in your city

On our web-site you can get current weather and forecast for your city. Forecast is available in two variants: the 3-hour forecast available for 5 days and daily forecast available for up to 16 days.You can get variaty of statistics, graphics, look at this day in history just for your reference. We also have interactive map where you can search your city and see precipitations, clouds, pressure, nearest weather stations.


Our technology

We have own meteorological model of forecast calculation that includes long-term and short-term forecasts, global and regional models, real-time raw data from newtork of weather stations, own WRF calculation for regions. Our model let us quickly follow weather changing and update weather data on our web-site and in API. To process giant number of data in real time we use sophisticated Big Data IT technologies.