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City of London, GB

9.1 °C


WindGentle Breeze 3.97 m/s
West-southwest (241.504°)
Cloudinessbroken clouds
1014.11 hpa
Humidity74 %
Geo coords[ -0.09, 51.51 ]

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Interactive maps with current weather, precipitation and more

Interactive maps are available for every city that show variety of precipitations, clouds, pressure, wind, and nearest weather stations.

API for developers

  • With our simple and clear API you have access to current weather data, 16-day forecasts, and historical data for 200,000 cities by using JSON, XML, and HTML calls.
  • A variety of map layers are available including Precipitation, Clouds, Pressure, Temperature, Wind, and many more.
  • Weather maps can be connected as layers to a wide range of maps including Direct Tiles, WMS, OpenLayers, Leaflet, Google Maps, and Yandex Maps.


Weather in your city

  • Get current weather and forecasts for your city!
  • 3-hourly forecasts are available for up to 5 days.
  • Daily forecasts are available for up to 16 days.
  • Helpful stats, graphics, and this day in history charts are available for your reference.
  • Interactive maps are available for every city that show precipitation, clouds, pressure, and nearest weather station.


Our technology

  • We have developed our own, highly-accurate meteorological forecast model that includes long-term and short-term forecasts, global and regional models, real-time raw data from weather station network, and our own WRF calculations for regions.
  • Our model quickly follows changing weather and rapidly updates the weather data on both our website and API.
  • We implement sophisticated Big Data IT technologies to process this large amount of data in real-time.